Insight Based Decisions Drive Growth By Eliminating Waste And Unlocking Opportunities


In today’s competitive marketplace, you need to act smarter and faster than the competition to a) keep your existing customers  b) acquire new customers. Change your team culture to focus on insight based decisions that delivers:


A Roadmap to Success

Do you lose sleep thinking if you are focused on the right things?


Peace of Mind

How often do you not feel confident in your decisions?


Time Savings

Are you tired of ongoing debate among your team to solve problems?

We Are


Instinct and innovation are critical for business success.  While you and your team have an amazing talent recognizing market needs, our goal is to be a support player and help you maximize success by leveraging analytics to consistently accept the facts of reality to stave off the competition.  Unleash Insight founder is Roger Bielicke, who spent 24 years with Enterprise Rent-A-Car where he provided the Car Sales Division data driven insights to support their strategic direction and operational decision making.

"Roger played an important role in transforming our Car Sales Division into a data driven culture to solve problems."


Steve Bloom
Senior Vice President, Enterprise Holdings Inc



First Be Effective, Then Be Efficient.You Need Both To Succeed.

Volume and effectiveness is a balancing act. At Unleash Insight, the belief is to first establish the most productive process to model, then grow in volume to scale the model to greater levels.